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commercial duct cleaning services

Commercial duct cleaning services can help your business save on energy bills. The improved air quality would also reduce the risk of illness, resulting in higher productivity level and fewer lost working days.

Return-to-office announcement made

In the year 2020, coronavirus has forced Australians to work from home. But, whether we like it or not, we are soon going back to working in offices as the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines continues.

Other than expecting things to be different around the office post-pandemic, people are very much anxious about having to return to the office after more than eight months. Not that we are reluctant to wake up early commuting to work again, but the air quality in the office that concerns.

Employers, how clean is the air in your commercial facility?

According to Raefer Wallis, a leading global expert on healthier buildings as well as a practising architect, many modern office buildings do not feature windows that open due to several safety and practical considerations. Also, openable windows are a bad idea as they disturb the lines of modern architecture.

But, this translates into something that needs to be considered. The flow of fresh air is now solely dependent on a centrally controlled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Hence, proper commercial duct cleaning Melbourne is necessary to ensure quality indoor air.

Commercial duct cleaning services are the solutions to SBS

Even prior to the current pandemic, the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to be the root cause of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) with the HVAC system as the key contributor for biological, particulate and chemical contaminants indoors.

Quick facts: SBS is a condition in which people in a building experience acute health and comfort effects that appear to be associated with the time they spend working or residing in a building.

Let’s make it clear that SBS outbreaks may or may not be a direct outcome of inadequate cleaning or inappropriate cleaning procedures. But, further studies conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) discovered that over 50% of IAQ problems are linked to poor ventilation and related maintenance.

Thus, engaging professional commercial duct cleaning services is the only effective and practical solution to significantly improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), second to shelling out an obscene amount of money to replace the old and dirty air conditioning ducting.

Commercial duct cleaning Melbourne is essential amid this pandemic

To date, many studies have shown evidence that this novel coronavirus can be transmitted through exposure to virus-containing respiratory droplets. Similar to SARS, these viruses can remain suspended in the air for quite a number of hours.

Hence, it is during this critical moment that employers ought to take extra care of any concerns about air quality seriously. Do you know that your commercial building’s duct system may help spread coronavirus? 

If you have not noticed, the cruise ship outbreaks revealed how coronavirus can transmit despite people were being quarantined to their rooms. Studies later show that it could be the HVAC system that may have circulated the virus in the ship.

Stephen Morse, PhD, of Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, stated that it’s not out of the question if an HVAC system does not come with a clean HEPA filtration that’s stringent enough to filter out particles the size of (and far smaller than) coronavirus.  

So, we would say commercial duct cleaning services are obligatory in removing dirt, dust and debris from your HVAC system. Although commercial duct cleaning Melbourne cannot put a halt to the spread of infection, it is very much a robust answer to the virus. It can help minimise the chances of airborne transmission if such exists.

Best Commercial Duct Cleaning in Melbourne

Turn to DuctMates for all your commercial air duct cleaning services. Our team of highly trained and certified professionals cares about the quality of your indoor air. Contact us now via our hotline at 1300 238 287 or fill up the enquiry form. We’d love to hear from you!

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