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    Why you should Choose Duct Mates

    There are several reasons why you should use Duct Mates to repair your ducts in Melbourne. If you’re having problems with your heating, cooling, or air quality because of faulty ducts, we can help. We strive to respond swiftly and decisively, restoring your ducts to their original state. Duct cleaning should be done on a regular basis to comply with occupational health and safety regulations and to guarantee that your filtering systems work efficiently and at optimal level.

    We have the experience and understanding to deal with any of these issues, and can clean and deodorise the ducts, allowing fresh air to circulate.

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    How we relocate duct in different areas of the building?

    Relocating an external unit involves a specialised process. Keeping in mind safety, cost and legal reasons in mind, Duct Mates are your best bet to get them moved. There can be a number of reasons why you need to shift the external or internal units which can be for aesthetics, safety, performance, legal reasons, structural changes and more.

    When it is needed the replace the duct?

    Heating and cooling ducts are often overlooked until the air flow is disrupted. Ducts can break down, collapse, get detached, and require maintenance as they age and wear out. Mice and other animals may chew their way into your ducts looking for a warm place to live. You won't be able to see them, but you may be able to detect their presence through sound or smell. We specialise in restoring your airflow, system efficiency, and comfort by repairing old or broken ducts.

    Affordable prices on installing new duct

    Call us for inspection and we will give you the best possible rates for duct repair, duct replacement, or duct installation.


    Our Guarantee

    For your peace of mind, we offer a 10-year workmanship warranty on duct repairs and replacements (excluding water damage and animal incursion). All duct repairs will be double taped and joiners will be cut to the exact size.

    Common Queries

    Clogged ducts add to indoor pollution. But here are other reasons why you need regular duct repair and cleaning-

    • Allergies, Asthma, and other respiratory problems can be relieved
    • Dust, animal hair, dander, and pollen can be removed
    • By enhancing HVAC efficiency, it lowers heating and cooling costs
    • Eliminates up to 85% of household dust.

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    Most ductwork in homes lasts between 10 and 15 years before it needs to be replaced. If your ducts are older than 15 years, it is better to have them updated before you run into severe problems like vermin, gaps, or even collapsed sections.
    Professional ductwork design and installation, as well as other ducting services, can make a significant impact in your comfort and monthly expenditures.

    Signs that You Need Duct Repair

    • Your energy use is increasing faster than usual.
    • Your home isn't appropriately heated or cooled, and your HVAC system isn't working properly.
    • You and/or your family suffer from allergies and/or respiratory difficulties.
    • Strange noises come from the ducting.
    • Indoor regions that are stuffy and stinky

    Benefits of Duct Cleaning

    • Optimal efficiency of system
    • Proper working condition of the ducts
    • Lesser repair needs in future
    • Reduce energy expenses
    • Get better indoor air flow



    Why we are the best duct installers in Melbourne?

    • 100% guaranteed professional service
    • Insured with public liability
    • Years of experience in the duct cleaning industry
    • Experienced and certified technicians
    • No hidden price

    Before & After

    Here are some examples of Duct and Evaporative Cleaning works, before and after.

    Do you know what you are breathing?
    It’s an unseen danger!
    Unexplained chronic illnesses?

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