Evaporative Cooler Cleaning


Celebrating Christmas can be fun but not until you realise that your evaporative cooler cleaning systems are down this Summer. Routine maintenance and regular evaporative cooler cleaning are indispensable at least once a month to keep your coolers hygienic and functional.

Be sure not to overlook any parts of your coolers (the pads, filters, reservoir and pump) to ensure a healthy airflow while maximising the lifespan of your evaporative duct cleaning system to the fullest. Find it overwhelming?

Just leave everything to us. We are on it.

How to Clean Portable Evaporative Cooler

Here we have compiled a list of top tips for evaporative cooler cleaning. Basically, the cleaning and maintenance process for a portable evaporative cooler can be divided into 4 main parts, i.e. the water tank, the cooling pads, the exterior of the portable air cooler and the mechanical parts. 

1. Drain and clean the water tank

Stagnant water and the presence of limescale or slime can make the water tank a potential breeding ground for bacteria like Legionella. But, we certainly do not encourage the use of water additives, as they can trigger allergic reactions.

2. Clean / replace the cooling pads

Also known as the heat exchangers, cooling pads require cleaning as regular as once a month.

Generally, the replacement of cooling pads on an annual term is not necessary but it all goes down to your usage of the evaporative cooler. The quality of the water supply also gives major impacts on the lifespan.

3. Clean the exterior of the evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers can produce musty smells after some time of use. Thus, it is a good idea to clean the evaporative cooler body and the filters to eliminate bad odours. 

Always remember to perform refitting only after the components are dry to prevent electricity leak.

4. Inspect the mechanical parts

Last but not least, the hygiene of motor and fan blades is equally important. Cleaning and lubricating these mechanical parts once a month to ensure an efficient operation of the evaporative cooler.

Why Clean and Maintain Your Air Con?

Evaporative cooler cleaning doesn’t only deliver a hygienic air conditioner, there are many more benefits you get from this. 

  • Fresher and healthier indoor air quality,
  • Improved air conditioner efficiency, 
  • Extended air cooler lifespan,
  • Reduced carbon footprint, 
  • Reduced electricity bills,
  • Lower chances of future high-cost repair or replacement.

5 Good Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned by the Most Trusted in the Business

You don’t need a professional to clean your aircon filters because it’s a simple DIY job that can be completed in a matter of minutes. However, remember to pair it with a comprehensive evaporative cooler cleaning service at least once a year because …

  1. The electrical components (such as filter drum and coils) in the cooler can be complicated to deal with. 
  2. Professionals are equipped with specific knowledge to inspect and clean. 
  3. Professionals have the right tools to enhance the outcome. 
  4. Professionals are proficient in troubleshooting and fixing any problem during the cleaning process.
  5. Professionals adhere to the Industrial Standard Guidelines and Code of Ethics.

In short, there is something anyone can attempt but there is something you want a professional for. If you’re in a real quandary over what cleaning frequency is best for your needs, feel free to ring us up.

Why Duct Mates Always Satisfy Their Clients

We understand just how much a poorly-maintained evaporative cooler can impact a family’s health. With a goal to bring better air quality to your home, we never compromise on the work quality. 

If you’ve been toing and froing on evaporative cooler cleaning all this while, give DuctMates a try and experience our service on your own. We’ll never let you down, just as how we serve our past clients.

Fresh clean air is a must