Kitchen Canopy Cleaning


Our restaurant kitchen canopy cleaning, kitchen vent cleaning services can provide a full deep cleaning of your commercial kitchen. We work effectively individually or as a team depending on the size of your venue in Melbourne.

We remove all grease and flammable material from the interior surfaces of the canopy, flue and commercial kitchen exhaust fan.

The efficiency and effectiveness of your kitchen canopy is the heart of success to your business and it can make the cash register ringing non-stop. Take care of it just like you would for your health.

Your kitchen kitchen canopy cleaning rids the kitchen of all the bad smells and harmful gases. However, to maintain its peak performance, a regular scheduled cleaning is needed.

If not thoroughly cleaned it can be a big hazard like fire or any other damages in your business.

We clean what you see, only more! We also clean what you don’t see.

Our thorough kitchen vent cleaning procedure will clean the entire canopy system starting from the canopy moving up to the upper canopy directly behind the filters, followed by ducting and ending with the fan on the roof.

Spic and span kitchens gleaming with original bare metal lustre is what you get. Shhh. it will look brand new as if you would just installed a new one! And this is all thanks to kitchen canopy cleaning and kitchen vent cleaning.

To have a fire started from your kitchen canopy is the last thing you would want as it would void the insurance coverage if a maintenance schedule is not kept.

We do all these for you. To help you in getting your kitchen canopy cleaning done, we will take care of all dangerous hazards such as working with specialized chemicals and the danger of working at height.

Let the pros do it!

Commercial Canopy Cleaning Services In Melbourne

Kitchen canopy cleaning is of the utmost importance to boost the cleanliness, hygiene and overall efficiency of your commercial kitchen. 

Apart from serving the restaurants, schools, hotels, clubs, bars and care homes, DuctMates serve a lot more commercial properties throughout Melbourne.

We are specialists in not only restaurant canopy cleaning but also the cleaning of smaller canopies and domestic ranges. Read further on the process we take to clean a commercial kitchen canopy. 

Meanwhile, for more detailed information about our kitchen vent cleaning services, call us today at 1 300 238 287. Don’t forget to request a quote for free! 

Restaurant Kitchen Canopy Cleaning in Melbourne

Aiming to improve the airflow and ventilation of your commercial kitchen, DuctMates is your most trusted local kitchen canopy cleaning partner in Melbourne. 

From exhaust fan cleaning, kitchen vent cleaning, restaurant cleaning to deep equipment cleaning services, we strive to deliver the highest standards of cleaning. 

For every project we handle, we guarantee each client enjoys the whole experience of professional kitchen canopy cleaning. Our services include the full thorough cleaning of kitchen canopies, degreasing of the plenum chamber and decarbonising of filters.

As a result, the risk of a kitchen fire can be significantly reduced, in addition to, getting a speckless kitchen workspace.

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning FAQ

By performing a kitchen canopy cleaning, you will be enjoying these 3 major benefits:

  1. All dirt, grease, fatty deposits and any other flammable residues will be removed.
  2. The life of kitchen canopies will be extended.
  3. The risk of kitchen fire will be lowered.

Not all kitchen vents are the same. Hence, reading articles online and performing the cleaning on your own may not be the right thing to do. You may damage the kitchen vent when the wrong tool or agent is used. All in all, specialists are recommended when it comes to kitchen vent cleaning. 

Hiring the right kitchen canopy cleaning expert will save you a lot of trouble. The professionals are cognizant of the different cleaning techniques for all types of kitchen canopies. We know what is the best and safest product to use on different material.

We hold expertise and skills to remove dirt and greasy build-ups that can pose a fire hazard, serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and reduce the effectiveness of your kitchen extract hood. 

We will also replace new filters and other components deemed necessary to get the system back up running. At last, a hygiene certificate will be given upon completion of the work.

It depends on the usage. 

For heavy use (12-16 Hours per day): 3 monthly

For moderate use (6-12 Hours per day): 6 monthly

For light use (2-6 Hours per day): 12 monthly

Fresh clean air is a must